A Sign to Success: Can Old-School Branding Methods Still Work in the Digital Age?


Let’s take it back to the old school for a moment. Remember the good old days of letters, signs and business cards? Paper prevailed, and the internet was something to be feared. Okay, we don’t want to go back there entirely, but there is a lot to be said for more traditional means of branding.

In the age of the digital, we have become consumed with what we can put ‘out there’ in terms of the internet. It’s a cheap and affordable tactic and as such, everyone can become a master marketer.

However, the internet is a crowded place and cannot have the same impact that it used to. Now, more businesses than ever are ‘going back to the old school’. They want signs, leaflets and business cards once again.

Why is the case?

In short, this is the case because these marketing and branding methods still work and are still a great way to engage with an audience. Of course, you don’t have to come off Facebook and delete your website. On the contrary, using old school methods of branding as a supplement to your existing efforts can be a kick ass way of getting more people to pay attention.

Engaging With Your Audience

Branding, of any description, needs to be engaging. You need to have your corporate logo flying high. You need to think about colours and themes. Before you commit to investing in signs, you need to consider your branding basics. What is your image? What message do you want to convey? Are you getting your message out there to the right people? Much like you would in the online world, you need to hone your branding to meet the needs of the customer. Engage with them. Resonate with their feelings. The rest will follow.


Ryan Rancatore

Beyond Leaflets: Your Sign to Success

Signs are still an all-important feature of any customer facing business. A well executed and planned sign can ensure that you are successful with your venture. A sign doesn’t just have to be located on your storefront or business front. On the contrary, they can be placed strategically around your location. Sure, you won’t have a global reach. But, a well-placed sign can ensure that you are getting people into your premises that would otherwise have not known that it existed. Signs are low cost. But, that doesn’t mean that they lack efficiency. On the contrary, signs are one of the most forgotten about tactics in marketing. But, many sources will tell you about how important that can be for getting in passing trade.

Making the Customer Feel Important

In the digital age, we can converse more freely with our customers than ever before. But, it lacks a personalised touch. Marketing and branding are all about conveying the right image. So, when a customer buys your products, retain their loyalty by sending them a gift or a note to say thank you. This should be done when they have spent a large sum of money. After all, making the customer feel valued and important is an old school trick. But, it sure does work.